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Wersi Saturn


 Blue Book says

MSR Price DM 18.000 (construction kit), DM 42.000,- (factory assembled)


Jimmy Smith was supposed to have three of them. And the Saturn is actually a remarkable pretty organ with a characteristic sound. Even it has a divider tone generator with rectangle waveforms, Wersi did a good job in creating real sawtooth waveforms and pretty tab filters. Each key has 13 electronically switched tones which are also available on the drawbars. Using these highest footages, the sound reminds me of the Hammond H100.

This organ was sold as a construction kit; I found more than 30 defects, when it arrived at my studio! Actually, there was only one defect transistor to replace, all other issues were due to wrong cabling or short-circuits. What a luck that Wersi sold its organ kits with pre-assembled cable harnesses! Otherwise the inside of this organ would be a night mare.


This Saturn organ, among its brothers and sisters (like Wersi Helios, Galaxis) consists of the following main components worth mentioning:

My personal ranking**         (2 Stars of 5)
plusimpressive look, technically fascinating
minusmany tabs leave a clarinetish impression, hardware is fumbling